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Eli Manning & Tony Romo Are The New Rob Lowe

DirecTV was forced to kill its popular Rob Lowe commercial campaign back in April when the National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus ruled that some of the ads' claims were not defensible. Well, the campaign has been revived with New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo taking over as the comedic foils in two new spots touting the NFL Sunday Ticket, a DirecTV exclusive.

Pretty funny stuff:



Bad Comedian Eli Manning

Creepy Rob is gone, bad comedian Eli takes over

TWICE Retail Rebels Re-Write The Rules

100 Largest CE Retailers Hold Their Ground

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A Letter To Logitech's Competitors

When a company makes major changes to its brand it usually signifies a strategic shift in direction. This can be triggered by numerous things, from entering new markets, to competitive positioning, to reinvigorating sales by appearing "new." Whatever the reason, it impacts their competitors. In the case of Logitech, their recent rebranding is made more significant because they are a leader in so many categories, from peripherals, to mobility and gaming.

Planning to just stay the course is likely an unwise move
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The Twitterverse Responds To Tom Brady’s Phone

Tom Brady’s “Deflategate” defense was tripped up by the fact that he destroyed his Samsung smartphone, ostensibly to make sure his text messages didn’t fall into the hands of the NFL or others. Brady denies that, saying the reason he switched to an Apple iPhone 6 was that his Samsung phone had broken.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell isn't buying it, primarily because of Brady's unfortunate timing.

And the Apple vs. Samsung debate continues
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Music Industry Grooving On Vinyl

The unexpected revival of vinyl record sales is having a residual effect on the healthiness of local, independent record stores, and a music industry group wants to keep the momentum going.

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), a trade group for the recorded music industry, has organized "New Music Friday," an effort to streamline the release dates of new records from around the world by moving them to Friday.

And who's buying vinyl is the real surprise
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NASA Sent A 4K Camera To The International Space Station

Watch astronaut Terry Virts insert an antacid into a ball of water.

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IoT's Missing Link

There were thousands of new products and innovations introduced at this year’s CES – many within the connected-life segment of the Internet of Things (IoT).

With significant variety in size, scope and function, all of these new products have one promise in common: to bring convenience, control and simplicity to the end user.

But while brands and their innovations fully intend to make the consumer’s life easier, many will fail to deliver. Simply put, in the high-stakes world of the IoT, there will be winners and losers.

Continuous service is key in the connected space
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Meet The Gang At OnePlus

The upstart phonemaker launched its second handset with a virtual reality walk-through of its Shenzhen, China headquarters.